Engineering & Testing Services
Alpha provides accurate field and laboratory analysis in accordance with procedures established by
ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, ICC, AWS, ASNT, ADOT, and other national or local agencies.

Geotechnical Engineering: Alpha’s experience with hundreds of soil and foundation investigations across the southwest has built its diverse range of commercial, industrial, residential, and infrastructure projects. Our experience includes both identifying and developing mitigation for expansive and collapsing soils. We provide a broad range of geotechnical services for the design and construction of new projects and for the investigation of existing structures.

Laboratory Testing: Our in-house geotechnical testing laboratory is AASHTO R18/AMRL, CCRL, and ADOT certified. Alpha’s testing capabilities include operating 24/7 which allows rapid turnaround on results and evaluation of recovered soil samples.

Pavement Engineering: Alpha currently performs pavement engineering design in every municipality in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, including MCDOT and ADOT.