Project Administration Services
Our philosophy is based on relationships.
AlphaWeb provides access to data at a near real-time basis.

Test Results: Alpha has developed a web-based application called AlphaWeb. AlphaWeb provides our clients with direct access to test results within 24 hours of testing. The vision of AlphaWeb is to provide real-time test results and increase communication with clients in support of performing work and operating within the budget.

Each client is assigned a unique userid and password. In addition to viewing test results within 24 hours of testing, AlphaWeb offers the following additional benefits: submitting an electronic scheduling request, viewing scheduling history, summary of testing status in relation to proposed amounts, and an overview of project test schedules.

Our investment in technology continues to differentiate Alpha as an industry leader.

Test Schedule Program: At the beginning of the project we create a schedule of tests outlining the amount of testing required to meet the municipality or project’s testing frequencies/ requirements. Our test schedules are an empowering tool for our technicians, the municipality, client, and contractor in ensuring the project meets the required testing expectations. We have been using our test schedule program on residential work for over three years and have experienced outstanding results and establishing long-term relationships with clients and municipalities.