Professional Engineers
Civil Engineering Field of Geotechnical & Construction Materials

James Weaver, P.E., President, has over 30 years experience in geotechnical and materials engineering, including construction on residential developments, energy facilities, roadways/highways, bridges and retaining structures. He has extensive experience in providing design services, construction quality control, and forensic investigations for major building bridge and civil projects. He is a registered engineer in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico and a well respected member of the engineering community. Jim created Alpha in 1998 and has led the company, as President and CEO,through 13 years of business.

Alf Wold, P.E., Vice-President of Operations, has over 17 years of experience in materials engineering including design and construction. Mr. Wold serves as Vice-President of Operations at Alpha and is responsible for overseeing all operations including the laboratory and field. He currently serves as an ACI examiner for the ACI Field Testing Exam. His area of expertise includes design and evaluation of pavements (including pavement materials) and materials testing and inspection of soils, masonry, concrete and asphaltic concrete. His project experience consists of consultation, evaluation, and management during materials sampling, testing, and inspection for concrete and masonry structure and concrete and asphalt pavements.